About Econica

How it all started..

Econica was started in Corvallis Oregon with the idea of looking at the history of the United States of America through a financial perspective. The timeline revolves around key events in the history of the USA involving and having been affected by the financial and economical standing at that time.

Starting before the declaration of independence was signed, the timeline begins with the state of the economy of the colonies. Following throughout the beginning of the industrial revolution, the timeline documents various booms and busts within the economy and the varying affects these events had on the country all the way until now. While the future of the US economy is unpredictable, Econica will be there to document its history as it unfolds.

This timeline’s purpose is to provide users with a fundamental framework for understanding the web of effects that economical and financial events have on the country and the general populace. The timeline incorporates many different statistics and data sources to establish a well rounded picture of the economy at any given time. Complete with historical images, Econica looks to capture the moment both financially and historically.

Econica is owned and is being developed continuously by Ryan Hogan, an Oregon State University Student, studying Finance and Computer Science in Corvallis Oregon.